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Reminder - Do not send copyrighted files on the listserv
As per our mailing list policies and procedures:

- Do not attach copyrighted files such as PDFs of journal articles or images, but instead provide links in your message to web sites or journal articles whenever possible.
Subject Titles: Using Categorization Schema
When creating a message, be sure to include a subject title. DO NOT leave your subject title blank or use a non-descript title such as "Just a Quick Question." The Critical Care PRN Communications Committee strongly encourages listserv subscribers to use categorization schema (see examples below) in the message subject title.
1. The first part of the title should give the general category such as:
A. Patient Care (e.g. patient-specific questions)
B. General Practice (e.g. not patient-specific but rather related to the practice of pharmacy, general therapeutics, or critical care as a whole)
C. Administrative
D. Educational
E. Survey
F. Other

2. The second part and third and fourth parts (if needed) of the subject should accurately define and narrow the scope of the email content.

Sample Subject Titles may look like this:
Subject: Patient Care / Heme / HIT / Argatroban effects on INR
Subject: Educational / ACCP meeting / pre-meeting symposium topics
Subject: Survey / Sedation / Dexmedetomidine / Criteria for Use



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